Keystone Farms

New Glarus, Wisconsin
The Property

The farm totals 395 arces total, built in 1850, this family owned farm has a lot of character. It includes the original farm house, carriage house, chicken coup, dog kennel, shed, pig pen, calf quarters, holstein living areas, the barn for the milking jersey cows, 2 silos, 2 large buildings for storing farm machinery and other automotive endevores. The property also has a tranquiel stream running through it (located on the bottom of the image), for the cows to drink from and children to cool off in. Located in a valley, we have a good defense again tornados.

Our herd

With over 40 jersey cows and 10 calves, Keystone Farms is a very
busy (and sometimes stinky) place.

Our livestock are born naturally on
the farm.


Our calves are named, not numbered and are raised on our property. They enjoy a balanced diet and are given plenty of personal attention by the youngest daughter, Lauren.

Wisconsin Winters

Winters in Wisconsin are harsh. Cold temperatures only allow the cows to go outside only a few times in a season.






Downtown Bethlehem, PA

Farm in New Glarus, WI




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Dairy Farmers of America, Inc.

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