Valentine's Day Cheese Board

Valentine's Day Cheese Board


Keystone Farms Cheese Bleu cheese
Keystone Farms Cheese Smoked Gouda cheese
Keystone Farms Cheese Cinnamon Apple Cheddar cheese
Keystone Farms Cheese Port Wine Cheese Spread
Dark chocolate sea salt caramels
Chocolate-covered coffee beans
Thinly sliced Toscano Fennel Pollen Salami
Pomegranate seeds
Chocolate toffee pieces
Candied pecans
Chocolate-covered strawberries
DiBruno Brothers Crostinis


Arrange the Bleu Cheese, Smoked Gouda, Cinnamon Apple Cheddar, and Port Wine Cheese Spread on a serving board

Fill in board with caramels, coffee beans, Toscano Fennel Pollen Salami, pomegranate seeds, toffee, pecans, strawberries and DiBruno Brothers Crostinis


Cheesemonger Tip

A cheese and chocolate pairing is simply sensational. Cheese is typically soft or crumbly; pairing it with chocolate-covered coffee beans and toffee adds crunch as well as sweetness.

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