Your organization can earn up to 45% profit!

Gluten-Free · Nut-Free · Pasteurized 
No rBST ·  No Artificial Colors or Flavors ·  No Additives · No Added Sugars

Specializing in handcrafted-artisanal cheeses directly from southern Wisconsin, our products and services are proven to be successful.

We believe if you provide an excellent product at a reasonable price, people will look forward to your fundraising project instead of just thinking of it as a donation. We are here to help you have the simplest and most successful fundraiser possible!

No Minimum · Free Local Delivery
Simple and Stress Free

  • All the details on how to organize, run, and complete a successful fundraiser with no hassle, are provided.
  • Take orders for 10-20 days. At the end of the selling period, you simply tally the order on the forms provided, email it to us, and mail the payment. The math is even done for you!
  • Orders will be filled within 2-3 weeks of receipt of payment.
  • Our cheese is a perishable item and should be refrigerated or kept on ice at all times.​

Fundraising for any organization:

  • Elementary School Fundraising
  • Middle School Fundraising
  • High School Fundraising
  • Youth Sports Fundraising
  • Daycare & Preschool Fundraising
  • Church & Ministry Fundraising
  • Cheerleading Fundraising
  • Dance Fundraising
  • Music, Choir & Band Fundraising
  • PTO & PTA Fundraising
  • Service & Club Fundraising
  • Family Reunion Fundraising
  • ROTC Fundraising
  • 4H Fundraising
  •  ​
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How Our Fundraisers Work
1. Fill out this form and let us know you are interest!
2. Complete application and send to
3. After the completed application is received you will get the order forms, product information packets, chairperson checklists, advertising materials and more for you to start your fundraiser.
4. Decide how long the fundraiser will go on for. Typically 10-20 days.​
5. Send in proper paperwork provided after the fundraiser is over with the check
6. After payment is received, your fundraiser will be delivered within 2-3 weeks!