Cook Lavishly With These Amazing Local Cheeses

Cook Lavishly With These Amazing Local Cheeses

Cheese is an essential ingredient in many dishes. Be it a cheese omelette or a nacho cheese sauce recipe, the flavorful taste and the versatility cheese offers can elevate the taste of even simpler meals. To our surprise, cheese comes in so many varieties that we can even come up with a new dish by mixing it with different ingredients. Each one has its charm, but the amazing taste is the only similarity between them all. 

Here are the varieties of cheese that are must-haves for your kitchen shelf and can make your meals delicious:

Cheddar Cheese:
Who does not like cheddar cheese? It is an essential ingredient in Italian food items particularly. Its soft texture and creamy and nutty taste make it an absolute delight to be used in foods. Its flavour becomes sharper as it ages; therefore, aged cheese is preferred by many around the world. Cheddar cheese can be used in a lot of recipes.

The best part is that even cheddar cheese has a lot of varieties. Examples include aged cheddar, cranberry infused cheddar, mango fire cheddar, smoked cheddar, sharp white cheddar, chipotle cheddar, and cinnamon apple cheddar, pumpkin spice cheddar, olive white cheddar, blue cheese cheddar, cherry or blueberry infused cheddar, and the list can go on and on. Make sure to pick the one that suits your taste buds the best or the one required as per the recipe. 

Blue Cheese:
Blue cheese is best known for its crumbled texture and salty, earthy flavour. It can be melted on various food items, or you can even eat it by itself. Its greenish-blue veins of harmless mould have led it to be named as blue cheese. These veins give it an appetizingly sharp flavour, thus, making it more likeable. It is made from cow milk and is healthy to be consumed. 

String Cheese:
If you are looking for cheese snacks, string cheese is a must-have for you. As the name suggests, string cheese is long, rod-shaped cheese strips. Any cheese can be turned into string cheese, but it is preferably made from mozzarella cheese. Its mild and salty taste makes it the best snack for all cheese lovers out there. Its semi-soft and stringy texture makes it easy to eat. 

Cheese Spread:
Do you want something that can cater to your all cheese needs? Cheese spread indeed is the thing you are looking for. They are free of preservatives, artificial flavours or hormones with a shelf life of 330 days. Since cheese spreads come in five delicious varieties, so they are basically for everyone. 

Depending upon your taste and preferred choices, you can choose between garlic and herb cheese, sharp cheddar cheese spread, port wine cheese spread, spicy beer cheese spread, and hot habanero cheese spread. Add finger-licking good taste to your hamburger, nachos and sandwiches. You might not want to miss this one!

Swiss Cheese:
The milky, creamy, nutty and sweet taste is a distinguishable characteristic of Swiss cheese. It becomes frim and sharper in flavour as it ages, thus, bringing you the perfect cheese for your meals. Pairing Swiss cheese with something soft is often preferred. You will love the richness of its flavours. It comes in different varieties, namely baby Swiss cheese, aged sharp Swiss cheese, Emmenthal Swiss cheese, smoked baby Swiss, and smoked Swiss. 

You can enjoy all varieties of cheese in their original form if you buy them from keystone farm cheese. Handcrafted and artificial flavour-free cheese is something that a cheese lover looks for. Make your meals delicious and flavorful with different varieties of cheese. 


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